Personalize Your Commercial Phone Systems with Greetings

Personal and professional audio messages.

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Personalize with greetings, messages, music and voices.

Greetings let you personalize your service with audio greetings, messages, music, menus and voices by uploading your own audio files. Supported file formats for greetings include wav, mp3 and gsm. Professional recording services are also available.

Record directly from your phone

A personal greeting can also be recorded directly from your phone using our Click-to-Record feature which saves your message directly to your account.

Frequently asked questions

Our professional recording service is an affordable way to create a greeting that represents you and your business well. For under $100, our recording service can convert a simple phone script that explains your menu options into a polished voice message to greet your callers.

Yes, there are three easy ways to add your own voice greeting: You can upload a pre-recorded greeting, you can record a greeting by speaking into your phone, and you can use our text-to-greeting service that converts text you’ve entered into a voice greeting.

Your greeting is usually the voice recording that callers hear when they reach your phone number. You can upload a greeting in WAV, MP3 or GSM format. You can also upload hold music, to play while callers are waiting on hold or in a queue.

You can upload a greeting in your account settings in a matter of minutes.