Virtual Phone System Call Blocking and Call Screening

Block incoming calls from telemarketers, unknown numbers or specific area codes.

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Stop unwanted calls from ever reaching you.

Easily block callers during a call (*9) or add them to your blocked calls list in your online account settings. also lets you block outgoing calls to international destinations, calls to Directory Assistance (411), and block calls from pay phones. Minutes will not be deducted from your account when a blocked caller attempts to call.

Manage Blocked Callers

Phone numbers you'd like to block can be quickly added to your Spam Callers List from directly within your call logs. You can also un-block callers just as easily.

Frequently asked questions

Call blocking lets you block incoming calls from specific phone numbers or area codes. You can also press *9 to block a caller during a phone call.

Pressing *9 during a phone call will block that caller. You can also block specific phone numbers or area codes in your account settings.

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