We’re not a traditional
phone company.
You're welcome.

Our mission is to be the world’s 
most convenient self-service communications platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Started in 2007, Phone.com focused on building on the digital, VoIP-industry experience of our founders, to deliver a suite of business-communication services previously unavailable to small businesses.

Today, we believe that as powerful as smartphones get, as fast as technology evolves, and as virtual as business becomes,
 the cornerstone of a successful company continues to be communication.

So we’ve created the best business-communications platform on the planet–an always-available, cloud-based phone system that adjusts to your business needs, with more than 50 features configurable with the click of a button. A platform that seamlessly connects all of your devices, and delivers a unified phone presence for your company. One that’s powered by something extraordinary: Common sense.