ChatCalls Can Be So Useful

I have just recently learned all about ChatCalls. They are a very interesting feature that I’ve never seen on any other phone service. Basically you type in your message and then input the recipients name and phone number. What’s really nice is that you can have multiple recipients of the same message and send it only once. You can even try a basic version for free even if you are not a customer.

To me this has huge potential. Like if you are a coach of a soccer team and you need to get a message out to your team quickly. Or maybe you are a business owner and you like to send messages to your employees.

What’s really nice is that you can actually record your own message and upload it so it’s in your voice.

Now imagine you want to tell your kids good night but you’re on the other side of the world. You could record the message and send it to them.

My wife got an email on a Sunday morning once from a kids parents who had to cancel the childs birthday party (for that day) because he was sick. But not everybody gets their email sent to their phone like my wife and I, so in turn a few people ended up at the park for the party. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the parents sent out a ChatCall message to all the attending kids parents who were invited to the birthday party telling them it was canceled and they’ll reschedule soon. That would have saved a few parents a BIG headache.

Do you see the potential in this? What would you use it for? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll ask our CEO and see if I can give away a 10% off coupon to the best answer, I get to pick. You will have to follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook.