numbers will now support SMS (send and receive)

Hi all, I wanted to share something we’ve been working on for a while with you. It’s actually something I find very exciting and an important feature. This is one of those things that really sets some companies apart from others. On Tuesday will announce full SMS support for all our customers. This means that everyone will be able to send and receive text messages also known as SMS (short message service) via the website as well as the Mobile App.

This is a really big deal as far as I’m concerned because it makes it so you can now use your number as your only number. It has always been a great office number but people don’t usually think to send a text message to someones office number. Now it can also act as your mobile number. You won’t have to ever give out your personal cell phone number again because now you can receive SMS on it as well as make and receive phone calls like a regular cell phone.

I personally am a minimalist and like things simple and this helps with both. I practice what I preach and use for all my business needs now. I won’t ever again give out my personal mobile number again (probably even to friends). I’m now a 1 number kind of guy like I was when I was younger before having a job and a business. It’s actually kind of refreshing.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think being able to send and receive text messages on your business line will benefit you? Email me

…and Happy 4th to all!