Business Phone Service That Can Send and Receive Fax From Phone

Create cover pages, attach documents and photos to a fax. Or use our iOS Fax app to send faxes from your smartphone.

Send Faxes Now

Standard with every account.

Join the thousands of businesses that already chose as their all-in-one phone company.

Simple to use and extremely convenient!

With the click of a button you can upload documents from your computer (bmp, gif, jpg, pdf, txt, doc, xls and html) and send them to any Fax From Phone. Each fax has the option for a Cover page, Recipient's name, Subject of your message, Your name, Memo and Confirmation.

Receive Fax

Each incoming fax is converted into a PDF file and sent to your desired inbox for easy access. You can also have a fax forwarded to your email account for you to view, forward, and save on your computer.

Send Fax From Phone.

Download Fax by and start sending faxes directly from your iOS device. Scan and attach documents to a fax using your camera and never touch a fax machine again!

Thanks to I'm able to run my psychotherapy practice by routing calls through to my cell phone.

Aimee Sullivan

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Therapies was cheaper and offered more features than my other phone company.

Jennifer Herritz

SVA Certified Public Accountants

The entire thing was ridiculously easy. I have been able to manage the whole system with very little effort.

Scott Kasun

ForeFront Web