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Call Forwarding to Your Cell Phone, Desk Phone or Anything That Rings!

Forward calls made to your extension to any other number.

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Direct calls to your location

Call Forwarding lets you direct calls to one or many phone numbers, including your home, office, mobile or any phone worldwide. even allows you to forward based on Caller ID or the time of day a call comes in.

Multiple Locations

Forward incoming calls to all of your numbers, so you never miss a call. Home, mobile, office—you're covered.

Know Before You Answer

Define a department or source as the Caller ID, so that you know how a call was routed to your number.

Frequently asked questions

When a call comes in on either your mobile phone or a traditional (analog) desk phone, you can use keypad commands on your phone to do a call transfer. You can also do a phone call transfer on a VoIP phone using the built-in transfer features on the phone.

Yes, if a call is initiated from your number you are billed for the duration of the entire call, even if you transfer the call.

Yes, when a call comes in to your account, you can press *2 to transfer the call to an outside number.

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