Block And Unblock Calls With *9

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At we pride ourselves on having top notch customer service, I was in a meeting last week talking about common customer service questions and our Call Blocking feature came up.  Customers want to know how to block incoming callers (typically spammers).  We have a solution that it seems like many people don’t know about.  It’s *9, when you dial * (star) 9 during a call that you receive the number will be placed in a blocked list.  This number can never call you again, unless you unblock them.  

This means that next time you get a call about refinancing your home or lowering your car insurance, you can just dial *9 and never hear from those people again.  Keep in mind this will only work for callers with exposed caller ID.  

This feature is active and available on all our calling plans.  If you accidentally block someone you can just dial *9 again and unblock them.  If you want to block or unblock a call after it’s over you can easily go to your control panel.  Select Settings then Call Blocking.  Select the number you want to unblock from the Spam Caller List and click on the Trash Can image all the way to the right of the number.  If you want to add a number to the blocked list you can click Block all the way to the right of the number under the Recent Calls list.  

We’re here to support you, so if you have any questions about how to use our service feel free to call our customer service line 24/7 or even better drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.  Don’t forget to Like or Follow us.


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