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Understanding your invoice.

Monthly Statements

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Credits - Any credits or fees added to your account
Total due - Total amount due including any credits or past payments that are overdue.
Amount paid - Amount that has been paid (I.E. On the invoice for 12.18.2018 an amount of $54.24 was due.  The amount paid for 12.18.2018 is shown on the invoice 1/18/2018 for $54.24)
Monthly charge - Amount due for 1 month of service
billing details

Payment History

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Date payment was processed
Amount paid
Payment method used to make payment
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Billing details

Invoice Statement

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Amount Due - Total due for the monthThe date a payment is due depends on the billing date.  The billing date is the due date.
sample invoice
Previous month’s balance and payment
Any adjustments such as credits and or past due balance from previous billing cycles.
Breakdown of new charges for prorated month including any overage fees for previous month. is regulated by the FCC as an Interconnected VoIP Carrier and as such the FCC requires us to collect certain taxes and fees. 
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more details here. If you still have questions please feel free to log a support ticket or give us a call.


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