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Most of our customers use to make business or personal calls, but New York animator and filmmaker Dustin Grella puts a creative spin on our service.

Grella runs the Dusty Studio Animation House and one of his projects is the Animation Hotline, a series of short animations that use crowd-sourced voicemail messages for their inspiration.

What does have to do with the Animation Hotline? Callers leave short messages on Dustin’s number outlining the stories they want to tell. He uses those messages to create fantastic 2D chalk animations:

Animation Hotline Videos

No matter how happy, sad or bizarre the story, Grella brings it to life on the chalkboard, using the saved voicemail messages to narrate his drawings.

To be a part of something this creative and hear people telling their own stories is very inspiring! Be sure to check out Dustin’s animations and other award winning work.

Do you have a unique way of using If so, let us know!