We frequently go through some of our larger customer accounts and call to check in and see how the service is working for them. On one occasion, I came across a large account. At first glance, I noted that they paid their bill each month and almost never called Customer Service. Great, right? But when I called and spoke with them, I found out they were experiencing a number of technical issues and were considering switching to a different provider. They just didn’t have the time to call us or try to resolve the issues. I'd gone into the call thinking this customer was going to sing our praises, only to find out that we had challenges to deal with. While I wasn’t able to resolve all of their issues immediately, I was able to open up a feedback loop with the customer to work towards resolution. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is... Read More →

  Our customers are pretty savvy! They will often scan our website and device docs before calling us for help. We realized that adding a robust knowledge base, where customers could find setup tips, browse phone features or resolve common issues, was a no-brainer. It’s with that in mind that we are thrilled to unveil the new Support Center! Here you'll find a true hub of information, including set-up guides for businesses of varying sizes, helpful write ups on our many features, and a great list of FAQs that address the top issues our customers face. Take Note! There are three things you should know about our new Support Center: We are far from done. A great support center is dynamic, constantly being updated to ensure that it delivers the most important information. We will be covering a lot more of our features and options soon! Your voice is essential. We want to hear from our customers. What can we... Read More →

You may have noticed that a few things have changed here at Most notably, this shiny new website! While our communications platform and delivering rock-solid phone service to our business customers remains our focus, we knew there was plenty we could do to improve the way we talk about’s pricing and product offering to the world. And so we present our brand new website! Thinking Forward The refreshed represents not only a slick new site where you can learn all about our product and services; it’s also a focused effort to place design and your user experience at the forefront of the brand. With our greatest single benefit being a really cool self-service platform, it goes without saying that having an online experience that “makes sense” is very important. This new website is just the beginning, and over the coming months we plan to extend this design philosophy to our product UI, as well as updates to our mobile apps and... Read More →

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of one of the most important predictions ever made in the technology space. In 1965, Gordon Moore, the legendary founder of Intel, was asked what would happen with integrated circuits, which are at the very heart of computing. Moore predicted that technology would double the computing power of computer chips every year. That prediction came true of course just 12 years later in 1975 but today I learned, thanks to Tom Freedman of the New York Times, that Moore modified his prediction to the capacity doubling once every two years—and this has been known as Moore’s Law ever since. These days we know that our smartphones are more powerful than any mainframe of the 1970s—here I'm thinking of the Cray Supercomputer. But just how has the telecom industry benefited? Here are a few thoughts. The original VoIP gateways (circa 1995 or so) barely allowed for two concurrent VoIP phone calls... Read More →

We always knew they were outstanding, but now the experts agree! Customer-success SaaS platform Mindtouch recently included Director of Customer Service Jeremy Watkin and Customer Service Manager Jenny Dempsey in a report that profiles their top 100 Customer Success Influencers. Jeremy and Jenny both joined in the early days, and they continue to do what it takes daily to drive outstanding customer success and manage a team that is truly all about support. Congratulations Jeremy and Jenny! You can follow them on Twitter or on their customer-service blog Communicate Better.Read More →

Need all the bells and whistles at just the right price? now sells two new Panasonic phones that deliver features, functions and value to meet the needs of just about any growing business. The Panasonic UTG200 and Panasonic UTG300 offer plug-and-play operation, feature-rich interfaces and unmatched HD performance. CEO Ari Rabban says he's happy to add the UTG200 and UTG300 to the company's device lineup. "Every time we can offer our customers the features, flexibility and great price they're looking for, we know we've met their needs." Big Benefits These SIP-based plug-and-play models let you add handsets and phone numbers quickly as your business expands. Next-generation features and interoperability are designed to enhance communications and lower expenses. Take a look at the specs! Panasonic UTG200   3.5-inch backlit color display Up to 4 HD (G.722) extensions Gigabit Ethernet passthrough Power over Ethernet (PoE) $199.95 from More Info: Spec Sheet | Quick Start Guide | Operating Instructions Panasonic UTG300 5.0-inch backlit color... Read More →

Last Friday I attended a a great event, hosted by the NJ Institute of Technology and its partner organization NJ Innovation Institute. The focus was an energizing discussion on the creation of small-business clusters and support systems for early stage companies. Small businesses account for a large chunk of the U.S. economy. At, we know this only too well because we serve this market! There are over 28 million small businesses in the United States, and thousands of small companies forming every week. In 2014, over 298,000 jobs were created by small businesses in the State of New Jersey alone. The focus on clusters—on supporting and fostering connections that strengthen the broader community—was a key part of our discussion on Friday. NJIT is committed to small businesses, especially those that are tech oriented, with the Innovation Institute delivering much-needed support and funding. NJII's objective is to identify synergies between small businesses... Read More →

Jeff Pulver and Alon Cohen (on right) inducted into the VoIP Hall of Fame As some of you may know Alon Cohen,’s Executive Vice President and Chief Evangelist was also the co-founder of the first Voice over IP company called VocalTec. That company was involved in much of the early days of innovation in the VoIP space and spun-out perhaps two dozen or more companies and inspired the ideas for companies such as Skype and others (even ICQ – the first IM company which was acquired by AOL and evolved to AOL Messenger) ; At ITEXPO ( the industry’s premiere conference taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center last week) we celebrated 20 years of VoIP. A date that is based on the day VocalTec, (actually it was February 7 1995) launched its first commercial product: the “Internet Phone” or (I am not kidding) iPhone for short. I... Read More →

Last week, a group from volunteered at Feeding America San Diego. During our session, we gleaned 2,800 pounds of onions and apples, sorting the good ones from the bad and boxing them for distribution to San Diego area schools. Feeding America's School Pantry program gives low-income families the chance to "shop" for free fruit, vegetables and staple foods when they bring their kids to school. It's a good thing onions only make you cry once they are cut because we handled a lot of them! Phone.commers now know all about soft spots and mold and gashes on veggies. Our volunteers saw some pretty nasty-looking onions and it was great to know that, because of our efforts, families would be getting only the good stuff. A Few Quick Facts One in six people in San Diego—one in four kids—don't have enough food to eat Feeding America feeds 56,000 people per week in the greater San Diego area When... Read More →

On Wednesday, January 28th in Miami a panel of heavy hitters in the world of communications will come together at ITEXPO. The panel includes Alon Cohen ( CTO), along with Jeff Pulver, Andy Abramson, Craig Walker, Mike Tribolet, Andy Voss and Danny Windham. The last 20 years in the world of communications have been incredibly disruptive. These telcom leaders will have a strong sense of what the future will bring. Get the full details here.Read More →

Last week in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we celebrated the dedication of the HD Voice Network. Thanks to the team at WorkInProgress for hosting us. Guest post by Daniel Berninger. Reach Dan at [caption id="attachment_19628" align="alignleft" width="428"] Dan Berninger with Edwin Grosvenor the Great Grandson of Alexander Graham Bell[/caption] Quote from a speech Alexander Graham Bell delivered in Kensington, England in 1878:  "It is conceivable that cables of telephone wires could be laid underground, or suspended overhead, communicating by branch wires with private dwellings, country houses, shops, manufactories etc., etc., uniting them through the main cable with a central office where wires could be connected as desired establishing direct communication between any two places in the city. Such a plan as this, though impracticable at the present moment will, I firmly believe, be the outcome of the introduction of the telephone to the public. Not only... Read More →

Wednesday January 28, 2015 – 10:00 – 10:45am On the panel: Alon Cohen, CTO More than two decades ago, the idea that voice could be transmitted over Internet Protocol networks was just starting to gain traction, largely because the ability to avoid long distance fees was highly appealing. In 1995, VocalTec took the concept from theory to reality with the first production VoIP software. It was embryonic at best but it launched two decades of innovation technological curiosity that have spanned business and consumer markets, landlines and mobile networks and have evolved into full-blown unified communications services that have become a business staple. That same early-stage version of VoIP, of course, also provided a foundation for the first INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & Expo. Now in its 17th year – ITEXPO celebrates 20 Years of VoIP and the innovation it has propagated, with a discussion led by conference chairman Rich Tehrani,... Read More →

ITEXPO Miami Thursday, January 29, 2015 -- 4:15-5:00pm On the panel: Ari Rabban, CEO Panelists representing multiple industry segments will join in this closing Software Telco Congress executive panel to consider the commentary from the prior days and to define the future of the software network based on known challenges, expected developments, and existing projects. What path will the journey from legacy to next-generation network take, what is a realistic timeframe for ROI and, ultimately, how will success be determined?Read More →

ITEXPO Miami Wednesday - 01/28/15, 1:30-2:15pm On the panel: Joel Maloff, SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances We live in a complex world. As communications companies, we are often asked to provide information to law enforcement as part of active investigations. Many ITSPs are unaware of our obligations as defined by laws such as CALEA. We also are surrounded by suspicion and confusion caused by Edward Snowden’s disclosures as well as lack of knowledge of how our information can legally be requested and with what authorization. This session is designed to acquaint the Internet telephony community with the people that are actively involved in addressing criminal, fraud, and homeland security issues today. By so doing, we will be able to better work together, reducing the need for surprise expenses for carriers, and helping law enforcement better understand emerging communications technologies.Read More →

Guest Blog Post In today’s competitive environment, businesses lose clients to competitors every day. Even customers who adore your business, like you and love your products or service sometimes shop elsewhere. Why? Maybe because they didn’t have time to compare, maybe because they happened to be near your competitor, or maybe because they just forgot all about your business. Large brands have already figured that out. Once a customer rolls in the door (e.g. an acquired customer), they will try their best to get that customer to keep coming back (customer retention). It’s a well-known marketing fact that it’s far easier to sell to existing customers than to new customers, so why not put those bucks into retention marketing? How? There are a lot of ways to reach out to customers. Emailing them, texting them, even sending good ol’ mail to their homes. But in order to do that, you first... Read More →

Voice Over IP is no longer the new kid on the block. Emerging in the seventies, coming of age in the eighties and nineties, VoIP has matured as a feature-rich, wallet-friendly alternative to the wired services that were the backbone of the businesses of our parents' and grandparents' generations. Old-fashioned phone service is a funny thing: As a business owner, you plug a traditional phone into the wall socket and place it on your new employee's desk. Apart from paying the bill every month, you might not think about it much after that. Phone service on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is just so straightforward and established, so plug 'n play. Yet a recent report by Software Advice, a free online service that offers VoIP system reviews, shows that 25 percent of the business owners they surveyed in 2014, who are currently using PSTN, would consider switching to VoIP. The reasons are pretty compelling.... Read More →