Our Business VoIP’s Menus Send Callers to the Right Place

Create a custom message your callers will hear when they reach your Menu. "Press 1 to reach Sales. Press 2 for Customer Service…"

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A great menu is the first step to sounding like a bigger company.

Phone.com Menus are the initial audio greeting telling callers which key to press to reach your phones, groups or voicemail ("Press 1 for sales..."). Set up your menu with a customized recording giving important information such as business hours, company directory and any other important instructions.

Flexible Options

Menus let you send callers to phones, voicemail, recordings, queues and more. All at the press of a button.

Thanks to Phone.com I'm able to run my psychotherapy practice by routing calls through to my cell phone.

Aimee Sullivan

Rocky Mountain Behavioral Therapies

Phone.com was cheaper and offered more features than my other phone company.

Jennifer Herritz

SVA Certified Public Accountants

The entire thing was ridiculously easy. I have been able to manage the whole system with very little effort.

Scott Kasun

ForeFront Web