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Looking for 800.BIZ.NAME? Then create a Custom Toll Free number. Like traditional toll-free numbers, they’re free to dial, but they also function as a branding and marketing tool. Custom numbers can represent common words or phrases as well as easy-to-remember numeric sequences. Start using Phone.com today and find a Custom Toll Free number that communicates your business name or what you do. This is the edge you want over competitors in the same field who are missing the brand identity a custom number can bring, at a price that makes sense for your marketing budget.

Custom Phone Numbers can be purchased for a ONE-TIME fee plus Phone.com’s standard monthly number fee.

Frequently asked questions

A vanity toll-free or vanity-800 number is a toll-free phone number made up letters or numbers that are either easy to remember (800-555-5000) or represent your business well (800-FLOWERS).

Vanity toll-free numbers are all about brand recognition. Making it easy for your customers to dial your online phone number—either by making the numbers easy to remember (800-555-5000), or by using letters associated with your business (800-FLOWERS).

You can choose the perfect vanity-800 number using our vanity phone number selector in your Phone.com settings. Learn how.

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