Keep Your Business Organized with’s Address Book Feature

by Derrick Lewis

Are you still writing your business contacts on random pieces of paper, or maybe you are tired of having your business and personal contacts mixed together? If so, has a great address book feature included with every account that makes managing your business contacts easy and efficient. 

There are several benefits to using our address books, including:

  • Importing contacts is simple. Want to transfer your contacts from AOL, Gmail, Plaxo, Windows Live, or Yahoo? We’ve got you covered with an automated importing tool to handle the job.
  • Extension specific contacts. Got a staff of employees that all have their own contacts? Each extension on your account gets its own dedicated address book.
  • Call forwarding based on a specific contact. Your can route calls from your premium customers uniquely based on specific address book contacts.

Don’t miss out on learning about this great feature! Join us for a free 30 minute webinar where we’ll teach you everything you need to know to become an expert with your address books.

Specifically, we’ll be covering how to import your existing business contacts, forward your number based on specific address book entries, and how to create address book groups for easy contact management. 


Thursday, October 9th 10:30am – 11:00am PST.


Register Now University University – How to Stop Spam Callers from Wasting Your Minutes

by Derrick Lewis

Tired of all those spam callers wasting your minutes? We have several strategies to  help save your valuable minutes including:

  • Blocking callers by a specific caller ID number or area code.
  • Blocking all anonymous calls that have an unknown or blocked caller ID.

Let’s walk through how to configure both of these options on your account.

Blocking by Caller ID or Area Code

  1. Mouse over Call Info and select Manage Spam Callers List.
  2. Select Add A Number To Block.
  3. Enter the full number with area code in the Block incoming calls from section.
  4. Select Add to add your number or area code to your block list.

If you only want to block an area code, be sure to check the Starts With checkbox after entering the area code to block.


Blocking Anonymous Calls

Please Note: You will need to set this setting on each separate number on your account. 

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.
  2. Select Edit for your chosen number.
  3. Select the Block Anonymous Calls checkbox.
  4. Select Save Changes.


That’s everything you need to know about stopping spam callers from wasting your minutes. See you next Monday for some more knowledge!

Streamline Communications with Our Killer Mobile App!

by Sue Walsh

defense_researchDefense consultant Edward Tj Gerety III communicates daily with clients and partners in the international community. A Co-Founder of Defensive Research, Gerety was looking for a business phone solution that would allow him to communicate efficiently wherever he found himself.

“’s mobile app lets me communicate flawlessly with clients on all of my devices,” says Gerety. “Not only can I use a single identifying number across those devices, but if I’m busy with a client I can instantly redirect other VIP clients calling to another partner with just a tap of an icon on the app.”’s free Mobile Office app let’s you:

  • Place and receive calls from your number
  • Hear, view and manage voicemail messages and faxes
  • View call logs for your account
  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Host conference calls from your mobile devices

Gerety notes that these and other features come at a huge cost benefit. “I’m saving, on average, $45 a month compared to my previous VOIP service,” he says, “and they offered only a tenth of the options, along with a fraction of’s excellent customer service.”

Flexible mobile management, great features, cost savings and exceptional customer support—what’s not to love about We love making business easier for our clients!

AFAR: At the End of the Line for Animal Rights

by Sue Walsh Customer Service Pooch

Customer Service pup Wino, enjoying the green grass at’s Poway offices.

Customer Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) came to through our affiliation with, a partnership that gives non-profits one year of free phone service.

Based in Michigan, AFAR’s goal is to advocate on animal-rights issues, educate the public on spaying and neutering, and celebrate the special bond between animals and the people who care for them. Their phone line is used to raise funds and gather support to provide no-kill temporary housing and care for strays.

Director David Farr says has definitely helped move AFAR’s work forward. “As we grow, is there, meeting our needs, often even before we know we need something.”

AFAR uses a customized toll-free number. This feature lets customers pick a number that is easy for callers to remember and dial because it uses letters associated with the organization. For example, AFAR’s donation and support line is 1-866-224-AFAR.

Sancho, our Chief Happiness Officer

Sancho, our Chief Happiness Officer

David says AFAR staff are impressed by the friendly, helpful support they receive from Customer Service. “They always go the extra mile, providing quality service.”

What David doesn’t know, is that at, we love our dogs! From tiny Wino the Dachshund-Beagle pup pictured above to three-year-old Pit Bull Sancho, the hounds rule our Customer Service center.

We wish AFAR every success in protecting and advocating for our furry friends!’s Response to the Shellshock Flaw

by Jeremy Watkin

shellshock2A serious vulnerability in the Unix Bash shell used on Linux systems, Apple OS X machines, routers and older connected (IoT) devices was announced yesterday.

As with the Heartbleed virus earlier this year, our infrastructure team has applied security patches to all systems that use Bash, thereby preventing unauthorized access to our service and your data.

For more information on protecting your own systems, see US-CERT’s alert on Shellshock.