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Get valuable face-to-face meetings with remote team members, clients and prospects with’s new video conferencing for up to 25 simultaneous users.

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Join the thousands of businesses that already chose as their all-in-one phone company.

One low price for unlimited video conferencing.

For $20 per month, you enable video conferencing service on your account, including all existing and new extensions. Bring up to 25 participants together for face to face meetings with up to an additional 200 participants taking part by telephone.

With Director functionality and robust screen sharing, it’s perfect for meeting with remote team members, training, project meetings and more. Broadcast video and sound in HD for the best possible video conferencing experience.

The intuitive interface gets you up and running quickly. Your video conferencing has a dedicated link, allowing you to easily set up a video conferencing on the go without going through a third-party provider.

The advantages of Video Conferencing with

  • Easy team collaboration with HD video and audio built in.
  • Compatible with any PC, Mac or Linux computer capable of running the latest version of the Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • No tough conference codes to remember, just one simple link gets you direct access to your meeting.

Frequently asked questions

What are the technical requirements to use video conferencing?

Any computer that can run the latest version of Chrome or Firefox should have no issues with Video Conferencing.

How do I enable video conferencing?

To turn on Video Conferencing for your account, please login to your account at Click on “Configure” and choose “Manage Settings.” Scroll down until you see “Video Conference” and click on Enable, then click on Save Changes.

Do I pay a monthly fee or per user per minute?

Access to Video Conferencing can be enabled for $20 per month and can be used by all account extensions at no additional fee.

What kind of camera, microphone and speaker can I use for video conferencing?

If you’re using a laptop, tablet or phone to access Video Conferencing, the built-in camera, microphone and speaker can be used if available. If you’re on a desktop or a laptop without a built-in camera, any commercially available webcam will work. For best results, choose an HD webcam.

Most webcams come with built in microphones that can be used, but any microphone that can connect to your computer should work. Alternatively, you can use a phone to dial in to the audio portion of the conference. When using the phone, you also should use the disconnect from audio option in the menu.

Any speakers that can connect to your computer should work for sound as well.

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