We offer CRM integration!

Integrate with popular CRM software for easy click-to-dial, screen pops and more!

Supercharge your CRM by integrating with Phone.com

Phone.com is offering a CRM integration tool that can enhance business performance across all facets of your business. We offer screen pops, click-to-dial and call tracking - all from within your browser.

Supported CRMs

Know what to say to close the deal.

Your CRM contains a wealth of information, but it can be hard to find in time to make a difference on a phone call. With Phone.com, the crucial information is served in an intuitive popup before the call is even answered. The popup arms salespeople with the information they need to close from the moment they answer the phone.

Automate the little things, focus on the big things.

Phone.com logs every call in the background so you get complete information and your team can focus on closing deals instead of data entry.

Get better analytics.

Phone.com combines CRM & Phone data to provide actionable analytics. There are a wealth of reports available at the click of a button.

Stop leads from falling through the cracks.

Our smart note box uses natural language processing and @mention syntax to make followups and collaboration incredibly easy.

Frequently asked questions

Call notes, tasks and @mentions are logged whenever you save a note using the call pop-up. Everything else is logged automatically. Call duration, direction (inbound versus outbound), and the username of the person making or receiving the call, are logged by relating that call record to the appropriate contact, lead or account in your CRM.

If you have a proprietary or in-house CRM not listed as supported, please email us at apisupport@phone.com for assistance.

You will need a working Phone.com account.

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