Filter Incoming Calls With Personal User Extensions.

A boatload of features with every user extension.

Having things done your way is the norm these days. You deserve it. So give everyone the ability to work the way that’s most effective for them.

A boatload of features with every user extension.
Mensaje de vozMensaje de voz

Every extension in your account has its own voicemail box. Manage and listen to messages online, or have them conveniently emailed as an MP3 attachment.

Búscame SíguemeBúscame Sígueme

Have your calls get to you no matter where you are. Route calls to a single number, have multiple phone numbers ring all at once or one after the other. It’s your… uh… call.


Every user extension comes with its own HD conference bridge for up to 500 participants. Moderator controls let you start, end, mute and lock a conference. Meetings have never been so easy.


Personalize your phone system with audio greetings, messages, music, menus and voices by uploading your own audio files.

Call LogsCall Logs

View all incoming, outgoing, fax and missed calls to your number(s). Completely trackable and filterable.


Easily import, sync and manage your business contacts. Route calls to contacts too. Everything is literally at your fingertips.

“I never miss a call,” said no one ever.

Every extension in your account has its own unique voicemail box. You decide how you want to get your messages.

I never miss a call
Traditional VoicemailTraditional Voicemail

Log in or call from anywhere and listen to your voicemail messages directly in your online account. Basic voicemail as most people know it.

Correo de voz al correo electrónicoCorreo de voz al correo electrónico

Get notifications of new voicemail via text message or an email with the voicemail attachment. This comes in handy way more than you think.

Transcripción de correo de vozTranscripción de correo de voz

Have your voicemail messages transcribed to text and then emailed or sent by SMS to you. Because sometimes it’s just easier to read.

Talk to the hand. I’m a little busy right now.

In a business meeting? Out at a romantic dinner with your spouse? In the middle of your highest score on Candy Crush? We all have our reasons to keep unwanted calls from ruining the moment.

Bloqueo de llamadasBloqueo de llamadas

Bloquee las llamadas entrantes de llamantes no deseados, números desconocidos o ciertos códigos de área. Tu teléfono ni siquiera sonará. También bloquee las llamadas salientes a números internacionales y Asistencia de directorio (411).

Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb

Sometimes you just need the phone to be silent. At the press of a button, this feature sends calls directly to voicemail or routes them to the next call handling rule.

Detección de llamadasDetección de llamadas

Hear an audio pre-screening of an incoming call, empowering you to accept or reject it with the press of a button.

Talk to the hand
Give your customers something worth listening to

Give your customers something worth listening to.

Sound professional from the very first call with top-rated voice talent and a range of hold music options.

Professional RecordingsProfessional Recordings

Give your business a professional voice with everything from script consultation, voice talent, licensed music, studio production and ongoing support.

Premium Hold MusicPremium Hold Music

Choose from a dozen Premium Hold Music channels with hundreds of licensed tracks by artists you know. Rock on!

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