Practical Uses For The New iPhone App

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The brand new iPhone app is incredible. Can you tell that I am excited about it?  This app does what you would expect a smartphone application to do and much more!  It has helped me immensely and I thought I would share a few reasons why.

There are two aspects of the app I first want to highlight.  From an aesthetic perspective, it was beautifully designed by Andy, our lead app developer.  It is truly like no other app you have ever seen with its ability to draw the user in.

From a functionality standpoint, it allows you to place calls displaying your number as Caller ID rather than your mobile number. You can also send and receive text messages, read and listen to voicemail, view your call logs, and initiate conference calls.  

Here are a couple ways the app makes my life just a little bit easier:

1.  I was recently visiting a friend in the hospital and there was absolutely no reception, making it difficult to use my mobile phone. That is, until I opened my app and connected to the hospital Wi-Fi!  That is when I found out I can send text messages (SMS) over Wi-Fi!

2.  I was recently stuck in traffic and needed to make an overseas call. The problem was that I did not want to pay my carrier’s outrageous international calling rates.  Remembering that calls with the app would only use my domestic cell phone minutes, I used the app to place the call instead.  The international call through the app didn’t incur a charge because doesn’t bill an international rate for the country I needed to call.  Instead of my call costing $45, the bill was $0!

In both cases, was able to keep me connected and save me money.  That is the power of the new, amazing and FREE iPhone app. If you have an iPhone, download it today!


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