University – Creating a Schedule

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Welcome back! Today we are going to cover how to create a schedule. This is great if you have established business hours and prefer to have your phone ring only during certain times of the day. Creating a schedule involves two steps:

  1. Create the schedule
  2. Apply the schedule to your call handling rules

1. Let’s jump into creating the schedule. To start, log into your account, then go to “Configure” at the top of your page, and select “Add a Schedule” at the bottom-left corner.

2. This takes you to the “Add Schedule” page as shown below. To start, give your schedule a name (1) so you can edit in the future. Next, choose your schedule type (2) depending on your needs. Lastly, set your applicable time zone (3).


3. Once that is all set, you will then want to establish your specific hours in the “Hours” section. For our example, we are going to stick with a simple schedule of our business being open Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm, and closed on weekends. To start, click on the checkbox next to Weekday (1), which activates that schedule timeframe. Then, drag the two slider bars between the times you want to set for your business hours (2).  Since we do not want any calls to come in during the weekend, we will leave “Weekend” unchecked with no established hours. Once you are set with that, click “Save Changes” to continue.


4. On to step 2, applying your schedule to your call handling rules. Depending on where your calling rules are established, this might differ slightly for you. I will assume that you are already on your call handling rules page where you want to apply a schedule. To apply a schedule, we need the following rules:

  1. Rule #1 (1) applies the schedule hours and tells the system what happens during those hours
  2. Rule #2 (2) applies to all calls that fall outside of your schedule hours and tells the system what happens during non-business hours


In our example above, during the Open Hours that we have established, all calls route to extension 500. In our second rule, All Calls route straight to the voicemail inbox on extension 500 and will never ring the phone. Remember, whenever you apply a schedule to your call handling rules, you will need two rules:

  1. The first rule applies the schedule with a “Received during” selection.
  2. The final rule provides a rule for All Calls and tells the system what to do whenever a call is received during hours not specified in your schedule

Have any questions about what we’ve covered? Definitely leave a comment and let me know. Also, be sure to check out the video below which gives a great walkthrough of everything that we have covered above. Be sure to tune in next Monday where we’ll be covering how to forward your calls to multiple devices!


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