Life After The Rotary Dial Phone

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cropped-rotaryphone_swoosh_REDAt we like to think that we are on the cutting edge of technology.  We are working to make our mobile apps better and better so that our customers can access us from the latest and greatest mobile devices.  There is, however, one question that has stopped us dead in our tracks over the years.  Are you ready for it?

“Can I use a rotary dial phone with your service?”

No, I’m not referring to some app that looks like a rotary dial phone or one of those retro-looking USB handsets.  I’m talking about a rotary dial phone from the 1950s that looks much like the phone we use as our logo on Communicate Better Blog, our customer service blog.

In general we have answered that question with a simple “no” while encouraging customers to either use one of our VoIP phones or purchase an inexpensive analog phone from their nearest retailer for use with one of our ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters).  I have half a mind to ask them to send us their rotary dial phone in exchange for a new phone.  We are a phone company after all, so perhaps it’s time to start a museum.

I came across this video today about the history of the phone number key design.  This gives a wonderful history of the time when telephones were moving from rotary dial to touch tone back in the 1950s.  Did you know that a lot of thought and research went into the current layout of the number buttons on our telephones?  Did the phone company pick the best layout or would you have done it differently?  Tell us what you think on Facebook or Gorjeo.


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