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Unlimited User

An Unlimited User is a person in your account that can connect 3 concurrent calls and has unlimited monthly calling minutes. The minutes used by the Unlimited User will not be billed to your account. Unlimited calls include those made within the US and to Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Unlimited users can use a virtual extension, softphone extension or an IP phone and won't be charged the additional $4.99 monthly hardware extension fee.

Premium Feature

An additional monthly fee will apply when adding Unlimited Users to your account. See pricing for details.


Adding Unlimited Users

You have the option to start your service as a single Unlimited User and add as many as you need. Any regular extensions in your account will share from your monthly pool of minutes. Any extension can be instantly upgraded to Unlimited User as well.

No Required Minimum Unlimited Users

There is no minimum number of Unlimited Users required to get our low, flat rate. We offer the same rate for all Unlimited Users in your account.