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Send a note, a birthday wish, tell a joke, setup a meeting or just say hi!

ChatCalls is a personalized audio message that you send to your friend's phone using our automated messaging system.

When your friend answers, they will hear the customized message you created just for them!

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Included Feature

This feature is included with all plans. For technical and setup information, please visit Support or download the Extension Guide.


How do ChatCalls work?

Our ChatCalls service is simple and fun! Enter your Name and Email Address into the boxes provided. Then, select a pre-made intro to greet your friends followed by your customized message. Select one of our many voice talents to speak your message then Preview your fantastic Chatcall! Click Send to deliver.

Why should I use the ChatCalls service?

ChatCalls are absolutely perfect for…

  • sending a surprise happy birthday wish to your best friend!
  • sending grandpa a silly joke to brighten his day!
  • sending a reminder for the Friday potluck to your co-workers!
  • sending a message to your soccer team about canceled practice!
  • sending a secret message to your crush to let her/him know how you feel!

What happens if my friend doesn't answer?

The ChatCalls service is voice sensitive! After dials your friends' numbers, voice sensitive technology takes effect. No answer? No worries! ChatCalls will wait until reaching their voicemail, and then leave your message.

Will I be notified of how my friend responds?

Stop losing sleep! Not sure your special message was ever received? With our ChatCalls service, you will receive an email notification response to any message you send (as long as you provide a valid email address before you send your Chatcall). Once your message has been delivered to your friend's phone, you will receive an email containing a copy of your message plus the date and time your message was delivered.

Is the service anonymous?

ChatCalls is as anonymous as you make it, however, your message must contain a To and From name, also your caller ID will be displayed.

Is this a free service?

ChatCalls will use about one minute per destination, depending on the greeting length used.

ChatCalls = FUN

Please use the ChatCalls service wisely.