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We provide communications flexibility and freedom - one conversation at a time.

Your phone is more than just a way to reach you. It is an access point that manages your calls, texts, emails, social network, business schedule and connections to your world. At, we are more than just a phone company. We are a communications platform that gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage those connections - when you want, where you want and how you want.

Why We're Here

Started in 2007, focused on building upon the internet marketing and VoIP industry experience of our founders to deliver new technologies in a user-friendly way to homes and small businesses. We work continually to become the industry-leading communications platform, bringing people and technology together, helping the world embrace the ever-changing communications landscape.

Our Mission

To provide total communications flexibility and freedom - one conversation at a time - by empowering people to communicate how they want, where they want and when they want.


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Was one of the quickest, easiest, stress-free and friendly experiences I have had dealing with anyone, much less a utility provider. Thank you for the wonderful experience, I look forward to a long, happy and satisfying future with your company.

Gene Linard

I needed a business number that was separate from my personal cell number, yet receive business calls through my personal cell. I love all of the features and convenience that provides at a fabulous price.

Marsha F.

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Ari Rabban – CEO and Co-founder

Ari is an IP communications industry veteran, with specific expertise in the start-up environment, moving companies from concept to operation. He joins from Pulver Ventures, an incubator for new IT companies, where he served as managing director and vice president. Previously, Ari served as vice president of corporate development and marketing for VocalTec Communications, the VoIP market pioneer and developer of the first internet phone.

Alon Cohen – Executive VP and CTO

Alon is an entrepreneur, inventor and is widely recognized as one of the creators of the Voice over IP industry. He joins after founding and managing a successful series of recent business ventures, including BitWine and RemoteAbility. Alon was the co-founder of VocalTec Communications (NASDAQ:VOCL), the first company to provide Internet voice technology worldwide, which in 1996 was one of the earliest successful Internet IPOs.

Brian Scott, COO and Co-founder

In his role with Brian leads all product development, product management, network operations and customer service departments. For the past 11 years, Brian has been the Founder & CEO of TierraNet Inc., a successful, privately held web hosting and domain-registration company. Brian has over 15 years of experience in the field of computer software development, network infrastructure, developing SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications, and is an expert in the field of enhanced voice services.

Joel Maloff, VP Channel Development

Joel leads all channel and business development. Joel has previously served as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BandTel, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategies at GlobalTouch Telecom, and CTO at Fusion Telecom. Prior to joining Fusion, He was Principal Consultant for Maloff Group International and consulted for corporations in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Career Opportunities is always looking for talented people to join our team. If you're interested in our vision to change the world of communications, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at, or visit our Jobs page.

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