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Simple to use and extremely convenient!

Send Fax

With the click of a button you can upload documents from your computer (bmp, gif, jpg, pdf, txt, doc, xls and html) and send them to any fax number. Each fax has the option for a Cover page, Recipient's name, Subject of your message, Your name, Memo and Confirmation.

Receive Fax

Each incoming fax is converted into a PDF file and sent to your desired inbox for easy access. You can also have a fax forwarded to your email account for you to view, forward, and save on your computer.

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Included Feature

This feature is included with all plans. For technical and setup information, please visit Support or download the Fax Guide.


SMS & Email Notifications

Get an SMS and/or an email notification when a new fax is received. PDF of new fax is attached to the email. requires a separate phone number to be your designated incoming internet fax line. Lines/phone numbers cannot double for incoming calls and faxes.

Canadian, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and some International numbers cannot support faxing capabilities at this time.