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1.  FAQ

What is the Messages app and what does it allow me to do?

The Messages app allows you and your teammates to chat with anyone who has a phone number, by sending “texts” (SMS and MMS).  We support both SMS and MMS messages which means you can do group conversations and add files in chats!

With the Messages app, you can do things like coordinate with field workers, answer prospective customers, get live updates from partners, all while using your computer in the comfort of your office, or on the go with your mobile phone.

How does it work?

The Messages app is part of, so you just open up your favorite browser, and you go to url.  Then, click on the Messages item in the left navigation bar.



Some key parts:

    1. The orange dot on the left sidebar icon indicates there are new messages to look at.
    2. The “Send New Message” allows you to start a brand new conversation.
    3. The message list shows you all the conversations.  You can scroll down to see more conversations.
    4. The black icon with a number on the conversations tells you how many new messages there are for that conversation.
  • The conversation tab shows you the conversation and allows you to reply.

Why do I get a “Oops” message when I go to Messages?

If you have a Classic account (learn more here), and your extension does not have a phone number pointing to it for SMS forwarding, you will get an error like the below.



Contact your admin user to get a number assigned to you, so you can send and receive text messages.  If you are the admin, setup a phone number forwarding text messages to that extension, learn it via the control panel documentation or contact our support team to help as needed.

2.  Sending messages

Starting a new chat 

To start chatting with one of your existing contact (see here how to manage your contacts), do:

  • Click on the ‘Send New Message’
  • Enter part of a contact’s name or phone number, this will filter down the contacts
  • Click on the number associated to the contact you want to message
  • You can also just enter a phone number in full and click on “Send to” icon to add it.
  • To start a conversation with multiple users, click on the To field to enter more than one user


  • To remove a contact, click on the X.  To edit it, double click the pill icon.
  • If you have more than one number you can text from, you can select which number you want to use for that new chat using the “As” field.

  • Click the “Start Chat” button

Send a text message

To send a text message start typing into ‘Type your message’ filed, then click on ‘Send message’ green arrow. 



Attach a file and send media message

To attach a media file:

  • Click on the ‘paperclip’ icon and select a file from a folder on your computer
  • Drag and drop media file into ‘Type your message’ filed
  • Copy (ctrl+c or command+c) your media file and paste it (ctrl+v or command+v) into ‘Type your message’ filed

The system will display uploading progress for each attached file. As soon as all files will be uploaded successfully, the ‘Send message’ button will be enabled and the user can send MMS or package of MMS.


We support the following formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, ppt, doc, xls, pages,  numbers, zip, audio, video.

In case if the message was not sent successfully, the system will notify the user and prompt them to try again by clicking on that message.



See who is in a conversation

You can see who are all the participants by pointing your mouse over the list of names.



You can decide to send a message just to 1 participant by clicking the Message icon next to them.

Messages notifications

If the user allows notification permission in the browser, he will receive screen notifications from the browser notifying about the new message received. Click on the notification should open to the Chat with this new message.



Message limitations

MMS size: Be aware that the MMS size can’t exceed 2MB per file, a maximum of 3.5MB per message (multiple files). The system will notify the user if the attached file is bigger than 2MB or set of files is bigger than 3.5MB.



Number of files in 1 MMS message: Maximum number of attached files in one message is 10

Toll Free numbers: can only send SMS messages, so no group chats, and no attachments


3.  Managing messages

New message notifications

If the user receives a new message, he will be notified by:

  • Browser’s screen notification
  • The chat with the new message(s) becomes bolded with the number of new messages in a black circle near the chat
  • The orange dot near the Messages app link on the Left Navbar indicates the new/unread messages
  • The orange dot near the thumbnail on the browser tab indicates the new/unread messages


Manage todo messages via read and unread status

By clicking on a selected Chat from the Chats list, the user can read all messages from this Chat, starting from the newest. 

To read the older messages, scroll up the messages bubbles and dynamically load older messages.

To read the older Chats, scroll down the chats list and dynamically load older Chats.



After the user clicks on selected Chat, it becomes unbolded, which indicates its status as ‘read’. For the Chat with the status ‘read’ the ‘flag’ icon becomes available on the top toolbar and the user can mark the Chat as ‘unread’ by clicking on ‘flag’ icon (on hover it has tooltip ‘Mark conversation unread’).



Preview media attachments in media gallery

All the attachments under the same Chat could be reviewed in Media Player by clicking on any attachment in the Chat.

Media Gallery functionality:

  • If you click on any of the most left 4 files it will load older files, if any
  • If you click on any of the most right 4 files it will load newer files, if any (this can happen if you receive a message that includes 1 or more files while the Media Player is opened)
  • If you scroll to most left it will load older files, if any
  • If you scroll to most right it will load newer files, if any
  • You can open another file:
    • by clicking on it in the media gallery
    • by clicking on the left/right arrows on the screen
    • by clicking on the left/right keyboard arrow keys
    • by sliding
  • You can see details by clicking on the ‘i’ icon
  • You can download the file by clicking on the download button
  • You can hide/show the media gallery:
    • by clicking on the small arrow on the top right side of it
    • by pressing ‘f’ on the keyboard
    • by pressing up/down arrow keys on the keyboard



Delete message or conversation

To delete a message, click on a ‘three-dot’ navigation icon near the message bubble and select ‘Delete’ option.



To avoid deletion by mistake, confirm your selection by clicking on ‘Yes’ button or cancel the action by clicking on ‘No’ button. If the user confirmed the deletion, the message will be deleted without the possibility to restore it.



To delete a chat, click on a ‘three-dot’ navigation icon on the top toolbar and select ‘Delete chat’ option.



To avoid deletion by mistake, confirm your selection by checking ‘I understand’ and clicking on ‘Delete’ button. The chat will be deleted without the possibility to restore it. 

You can cancel the action by clicking on ‘Cancel’ button.



Responsive mode

The Messages app is fully responsive and could be used from any mobile device:



















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