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What is the difference between Classic and NxT

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What is Classic and NxT? Classic is our version intended for larger organizations, or for phone system administrators that prefer to work directly with Extensions and low-level PBX features. NxT is our simpler experience that is better suited for small business owners who prefer to setup their system themselves.  It includes key concepts like Users and Companies that makes it easy to configure and use.

Also, as of January 10, 2021, we are exclusively selling the NxT version.  But don’t worry: if you are on NxT, you still have access to the advanced features in Classic, via accessing the control panel.  So NxT users get the best of both worlds!

What are the differences between Classic and NxT?

Classic is our PBX-oriented system, it deals with extensions, menus, greetings, and more traditional phone system concepts.

NxT is our self-service platform that abstracts the complexity of configuring a phone system by letting the admin user setup their system using simple concepts like Users, Companies, and eventually Teams and Locations.  

NxT admin users can access the Configure app which is a simple to use UI to setup your system.  Classic users must keep using the Control Panel at this time.

How can I migrate from Classic to NxT?

At this time, Classic users must contact our support team to migrate their account from Classic to NxT.  In the future, we will provide a way to easily migrate your account.

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