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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. After you signup, you can easily add as many users to your account as you would like.

Like others in the industry, Phone.com must bill customers under the laws and regulations set in place by tax authorities and regulatory agencies, including federal, state, and local regulators. These jurisdictions and agencies assess taxes, fees, and surcharges for telecommunications-related services and programs that solution providers, including Phone.com, are obligated to collect from customers and remit to these agencies. There are also some surcharges that telephone-related services providers are permitted, but not required to pass through to customers.


Taxes and fees that impact the telecommunications industry are frequently adjusted, based on your location, and subject to change without notice. If new or different taxes, surcharges, or fees are imposed on Phone.com, we will include those adjustments in applicable billings.


Detailed information is available on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

No. You will be enrolled in a month-to-month plan, you can cancel any time.  You have the option to switch to annual billing and save 20%.

Phone.com’s solution allows you to send and receive text and image messages using your business phone number. The business text messaging included with your plan is limited to Person-to-Person messaging, otherwise known as conversational messaging. Limits on the number of daily SMS messages are designed to meet the latest carrier requirements and improve deliverability.

*Important Details and Disclaimers

Applicable federal and state taxes and fees will be added to your monthly invoice.

All plans are subject to fair use restrictions on voice, text, and video. For more information refer to the Terms of Service. Unlimited Business SMS is limited to Person-to-Person SMS, only. Application-to-Person SMS is available at an additional cost.

In order to protect against international dialing fraud, international calling must be enabled for your account by our support team. For most month-to-month accounts, we require a $200 pre-payment before international calling is enabled.