Transferring Your United States Local Number to

Had your existing phone number for a while? We understand why you’d want to keep it. Bring your number to!

Transferring your current U.S. local phone number to is as simple as submitting a transfer request and providing proof that the number is yours. We do the rest!

Before Transferring Your U.S. Local Phone Number

As we get started, we have a few suggestions to ease the transfer process.

First and most important: Do not cancel service with your current provider—not until your number transfer is complete anyway!

Before you transfer your number to, please also check the following:

  1. Make sure your phone number is active.
    If you call the number, does it ring? If your number isn’t active, the number transfer will be rejected.
  2. Check your phone contract for obligations.
    Do you have an outstanding balance? Are there any freezes or holds on your account? If so, have those released. We also suggest checking that your number can be transferred. If you got the number from your provider’s inventory, they may not let you port it away.
  3. Name or address mismatch.
    When submits the transfer request to your current provider, they will match the contact information you’ve given us against their records. If the information doesn’t match, they may reject it. Your best bet is to reach out to your provider to verify the exact name and address they have on file for your phone number.
  4. Check for pending orders.
    With some providers, if we submit a transfer request for a phone number that has any kind of “pending order” on it, they may reject the transfer until that issue is resolved. A pending order could be something as simple as updating your mailing address, or something more complex like pending configuration changes to your service.

We do our best to help you resolve issues as we go along, but if you want to save time and effort, we suggest checking off these items before trying to transfer your number.

Submitting Your Transfer Request

Ready? Let’s begin.

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Transfer a Number.
  2. Complete all of the information and steps on the Transfer My Existing Number page.
  3. When you are finished, click Submit Transfer Request.

You’ve submitted your request to transfer your number to, and you are nearly done!

Providing Proof of Ownership for Your Number

Once you’ve submitted your request, you’ll need to submit proof to and your current provider that the number you are transferring is indeed yours to transfer.

Please submit one of the following forms of proof, either by email or fax, to

  • A copy of your phone bill, dated within the last 30 business days
  • A screenshot of your online account, showing your name and the phone number that you’re transferring
  • A copy of the original invoice from the purchase of your phone number
  • A letter from your current provider, stating that the phone number belongs to you

Submit attachments by email to [email protected] or send faxes to (858) 777-9888, to the attention of our Porting Department.

You can also upload a scan or screenshot (PDF format only) of any of the documents listed above. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Manage Numbers.
  2. The number that you are transferring will be listed under Numbers on Order. For the field Please Upload a Copy of Bill, click Choose File and navigate to upload the PDF file that you want to submit.

Once you’ve submitted your proof of ownership document, you’ve done your part! We will review and process your transfer, and you’ll be notified when your number has been transferred or if we encounter problems transferring it.

In general, it takes 10-15 days to transfer a number, with some numbers taking up to 60 days to transfer.

Tip! In the mean time, use your temporary number, listed on the Manage Numbers page (Configure > Manage Numbers), to configure and test your settings. Forward the number that you’re transferring to your temporary number to begin routing your calls through immediately!

If you have any questions about transferring your number, please contact our Customer Service team.

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