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Setting Up a Free Conference Call

Each extension on your account includes a free conference bridge number that allows you to set up and run a conference call easily.

There are some great benefits to this free feature, including:

  • High-definition voice quality
  • Up to 500 participants
  • Unlimited minute usage

Accessing Your Conference Bridge

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Manage Users and Extensions.
  2. Click Edit for the extension you want to use.
  3. Click Conferencing on the left side bar.
  4. Click Get Conference Bridge.

Your conference bridge number, conference ID and moderator PIN are assigned and listed on the HD Conferencing page.

Starting a Conference Call

  1. Before the call, provide the conference ID and bridge phone number.
  2. Call your conference bridge phone number and enter your moderator PIN.

Once you join the conference call, as moderator, it will automatically begin. As a moderator, you can use the following controls to run the call:

*0Play a menu of commands*72Announce name on arrival
**Mute hold music*73No notification on arrival
*2Lock the conference*81Play exit chime on departure
*41Mute all participants*82Announce name on departure
*42Unmute all participants*83No notification on departure
*43Mute all – participants can unmute*91Terminate the conference
*6Mute yourself*#Roll call
*71Play entry chime on arrival

To end the call, simply hang up once your participants have left the call.

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