Why Did My Phone Stop Ringing?

Your phone could stop ringing for a number of reasons. Have you tried rebooting? Joking aside, it’s possible that your phone has lost its connection with the Phone.com system. If you find that you can’t receive inbound calls, place outbound calls or both, you should first try a full network reboot.

Power down your modem, router, phone and any other device connected between your phone and the wall. Wait about ten seconds and then power up each device, in order, starting with your modem. Wait about a minute between powering each device.

If your phone has been working reliably up to this point, this might resolve the issue.

Next Steps

Other factors that might impact your ability to receive calls are:

  • Account active? Check to make sure your account is active and billing is current.
  • Device online? In your account settings, mouse over Configure and click Manage Users & Extensions. Make sure your phone is listen as Online.
  • Network connectivity. Check to see if your network firewall could be restricting traffic.

Contact Us

If you are still not receiving calls after completing these steps, please contact our Customer Service team. Before calling, note the make and model of your Internet modem, router and any other devices connected between your phone and the wall. Also, please note any error messages you’ve seen. We will work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.