People: Contact Management


What is the Contact tab for?

The contact tab is your address book, that is where you can add new contacts or manage your existing ones.  The address book can be used to call and message people using other apps!  You can also easily map a phone number to a new or existing contact.  Learn more below!

How do I add a new contact?

Select the Add Contact option above the contact list and begin filling out the contact Form. Only the last name is a required field. The user can always add additional info after the Contact is created.


Add contact


All previously shown user groups remain accessible via the Group field drop-down list.


Group field drop-down

Finish adding all remaining info and select the Save button located at the bottom of the form. You should see the newly added Contact appear listed as soon as the form closes. 

How do I create a new group?

To create a new Group, while adding a contact, click on Custom and type the name of your new group. After clicking on the Confirm button, the new group will be pre-selected for the current contact.


Confirm button


How do I Edit or Delete an existing contact?

Select a contact in the People app, then see on the top navbar the two options for Edit and Delete.


select a contact


How do I search in my contacts?

To start searching for a Contact using their First, Last Name or Phone Number simply type your query in the Search field and the omni search feature will filter the search results dynamically with every added letter or digit.


Search contact


Can we create contacts on the fly, from other apps?

Yes, you may create a contact using any app. Hover over the phone number on top navbar and you will see an add icon with plus sign, clicking on this icon will open a new contact form and allow you to save them as a Contact


plus sign icon


You can add, save, edit or delete a contact using this form which is accessible from participants list on Messages, Voicemail and Fax app and the info will be dynamically updated 


Participants list


The contact information entered in this form will be updated in real-time onto the People app and in the control panel Address Book accordingly.

Can I call or text someone using the contacts app?

For your convenience we added two call-to-action buttons on the Contacts page of the People app in your Inbox.

  • The phone icon on the Actions column serves as a Click to Call button
  • The message icon on the Actions column serves as a Click to Text button

Using these icons you can start a communication immediately.


Message icon


For messaging, clicking the link will take you to our send new message interface, with their number entered.  Just Start Chat then:


Messaging link


For calls, the call will automatically start and go to the call bar and start ringing:


Call bar

Chat Support

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