Zoho Is Going Mobile Like Phone.com

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I just had the most amazing mobile experience.  Everyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with mobile technology and communications.  I was reading an article online today that mentioned Zoho Invoice which I’ve been using for years.  The article mentioned that there is finally a Zoho Invoice app.  I immediately grabbed my iPhone, downloaded the app and emailed off the qued up invoice I had waiting for me.  Zoho is a great suite of services for small and medium sized businesses.  I’m not endorsing them or suggesting anybody use them but I wanted to share that now I have the capability to create and send invoices to clients from my mobile phone which I was just talking to someone about recently.

I complain regularly about there not being enough change in mobile and I really don’t think there is but I’m happy to see Zoho taking steps in the right direction to allow users to do all their computing on mobile devices.

I can imagine a small business owner in his or her car finishing a call (on their Phone.com Mobile Office app of course) and thinking, the faster I get the client the invoice for the big deal they just closed the sooner I get paid and the sooner I can start the project.  Why wait until their back in their home office, do the invoice now in the car.  It’s the same thing with Phone.com, don’t wait to make a call in your office, make the call from wherever you are in the world on your cell phone.