Your Virtual Office: its anywhere you want it to be!

Laura Petrecca at USAToday had a great story today about how many small businesses can set up their office anywhere they want. Much depends on what your business is but the idea is all the same: with todays technology entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and other small business owners can work from home or from where ever they want to be based. As Petrecca writes in her story almost 9% of Americans have a home business (stats from Forrester Research) and that figure is expeected to grow year over year.

According to another study pointed out by Petrecca: “…nearly 17 million people who are self-employed, business or contract workers toiled at home or remotely at least one day a month in 2008… and of those, 8.8 million worked at home or remotely almost every day.

Tools from faster, and easier to get, broadband to iPhone and Blackberrys to social networks and other online tools all help make it easier for setting up home offices.

Well, one thing Lauras story did not cover: Virtual Office. Perhaps she will in her next story. With Virtual Office setting up a home office is even more appealing. With Virtual Office any small business can obtain a phone number of their choice and set it up to ring any phone they want. They can record greetings just like bigger businesses do, set extension dialing, receive their voicemails straight to their email inbox and also set up extensions for employees, contractors or other associates. So now when you are in your remote office in a tent some place in Africa you can have your US phone number with you. Or if you have customers in Australia they can call your office in Atlanta while dialing a local number in Australia.

All these features and so much more were not possible to imagine just a few short years ago but today due to companies like millions of home office businesses can enjoy true business communications systems!