You can now record your calls, or parts of them! Advanced call screening also available is growing and adding new services. Today we announced the addition of several new exciting features available at no extra cost to all our Virtual Office, Virtual Number and Home Phone Plus customers.

Below is a summary of the new features:

Call Recording
Call Recording enables our customers to record a call. Once the call record key is hit both parties will hear a notification that their call is being recorded and when the call record key is hit a second time a notification will inform the participant that the recording has ended. Calls may be recorded for a select part of the conversation or for the entire call. The recorded calls may then be accessed online as a .wav file from within the customer’s control panel.
All you need to do in order to start a recording is to press *7 and then press *7 again to stop the recording. To learn more about Call Recording visit:

Call Screening & Tagging
Advanced Call Screening and Call Voice Tagging features customers can identify not only the caller but now users can also identify which number or extension the caller is trying to reach – which number, their personal cell phone, etc. callers can prefix any incoming call with a voice tag to identify not only who is calling them but also from which number they are calling or which department they are trying to reach. For example: as a customer, when you receive a call on your private cell phone you will be able to know whether the caller dialed your cell phone directly or your virtual number.
To learn more about Call Screening and Call Tagging please visit: and

All these features may be turned “on” of “off” by the user based on the customers’ preferences.

In the next few weeks we will announce even more exciting features and services.
As always, we thank you for your support and appreciate your feedback and we are always here to address any of your questions.