Working But Out Of The Office Using Our Mobile Office App

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Over night my daughter got sick and my wife and I were up with her most of of the night. As a result my wife stayed home from work today and even though I work from home , I haven’t been in my office yet. We’re focusing on our daughter but I still have to make a few calls and conduct a conference call today. I know my situation isn’t unique so I just wanted to tell you all how I’m staying connected.

Today I’m exclusively using our Mobile Office app on my Android phone. I’m able to make calls showing my work number, initiate a conference call and I’m even sending a bunch of text messages. It’s almost business as usual voice and SMS wise.

I’ve written about the Mobile Office app many times but this is again proof positive that I can work from anywhere. is allowing me to spend the necessary time with my daughter needs me. If you have an Android or BlackBerry device go download the app now. You can get it by going to from your phones browser.