With Phone.com Virtual Office & The Mobile Office App Your Business Will Sound Like It Has A Really Expensive Phone System….

… but it may cost as little as $9.88 per month.

Im meeting more and more entrepreneurs these days. This is a result of the economy and it doesnt seem to be letting up. When I go work at Starbucks I can almost guarantee that I will be pitched some business idea. Im not even an investor, just a part time blogger. One thing I notice about many of these folks is that they dont usually have a physical office outside of maybe their dining room table. Many of them work from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or any other coffee shop they can get wifi in. Starbucks is actually changing their stance on wifi and is going to be giving it away for free in the US starting July 1. So expect to see a lot more entrepreneurs spending their days there.

There are 2 things every single entrepreneur carries, a laptop and a cell phone. The laptop means they can do most of their work from anywhere. With Gmail, Outlook or Entourage and your own URL you can appear to be anybody and any size company. But the cell phone generally means they use their personal number for making and receiving phone calls. This is ok with some people but I personally dont like that. Im a very transparent guy but I keep somethings private, like my home address and my cell phone number.

So whats the best thing a budding entrepreneur can do you ask? Well I believe appearance is important and if he wants to appear like a full fledged company with an office and not a guy in a coffee shop struggling to make it then he needs an office number dedicated to his company. With voice mail that doesnt include the mention of AT&T or T-Mobile. It would also be nice to have the ability to have a profesional greeting, after hours greetings, your voicemail emailed to you as well as sent via text message (sms). Its also nice to have conference calling at your finger tips. The Phone.com Mobile Office app from Phone.com can do all of this and much more.

Utilizing the Phone.com Virtual Office with the Mobile Office app will put customers at ease that you are a fully established company and give you an edge over competitors who may still be using their cell phone number as a work number. You will have your work number in your pocket inside your mobile phone.

Phone.com can provide you with all your virtual office needs. Take a few minutes and take a look at what Phone.com can do for you.