With Phone.com Virtual Number Service You Can Keep Your Existing Phone Number!

Phone.com Virtual Number is one of the simplest and no brain phone services in the market. Get a new phone number (any area code in the US) or keep your own number (cell phone or home phone) by transferring it to Phone.com. Now you can set up your phone service from your private online control panel so any or all your phones ring but you only need to give out one number.

You can set your account so that calls are forwarded to your cell phone during the day and home phone at night or any other order you want. You can also have back up phones when you are on vacation or at a friends house or even when your cell is dead and you dont want to miss a call.

You also get to screen calls so you decide if you want to answer the call or not. If you dont want to answer you can disconnect or send the call to your voicemails. You can hide your personal phone number both to receive calls but also to make calls – this way you can keep your cell phone totally private.

Your voicemails will come straight to your email with an wav or mp3 voice file attachment, but also alert you on SMS that you have voicemail and, if you want, even transcribe the voicemail for you to text. This way you can read your voicemails and save a lot of time. Translation is very good as the service uses a combination of sophisticated technology and human transcribers.

The price is only $4.88 per month for 250 minutes and then there is a “pay as you go” system in place where you pay per minute but never more than $18.88 per month! Guaranteed.
However, you can also pay less or get the service free: just introduce the Phone.com Virtual Number to just one friend and you pay $1 less per month. Introduce to 5 friends and the basic service is free. Above 5 friends you start earning credit. Click here for more information on the Phone.com Reward Program.

And you have so many more features such as sending a fax from your PC or attractive low rates on international calls (plus several countries are at no additional cost including, France, Germany, the UK and others).

Finally, unlike some other companies, Phone.com does not block you from making any calls and does not analyze your calling data in anyway. Your phone number is totally private!