Will Tablets replace PCs and Laptops?

Yesterday I read this report in Intomobile about “The post-pc era”. Questioning “will” this happen is probably wrong. The question is more “when” it will happen.

We have enough experience now to see how new technology is sometimes (if not all the time) questionable. Even the use of PCs was questionable at first by IBM executives. In our industry I am very well aware of all the pundits and industry insiders questioning whether VoIP will ever take off.

Regarding tablets, questions about processing power, the physical keyboard, screen size, battery life, USB and SD ports, all have answers and will resolve over time, as the article mentioned also points out. What is more important in my opinion is reliable, hi-quality connectivity to hi-speed networks. 3G is just not good enough and the 4G advertised is also not there yet. WiMax seems dead not following LET that close but once we have “WiFi like” speed all the time is the time we will be able to rely on tablets. Why? Because that is when we will be able to rely on cloud storage.

One of the main reasons I still take my laptop is because all my important documents are always with me. I can’t rely on my iPad for that. Sorry. It is indeed getting better and better but it is not as reliable.
A decade ago a home office was also not reliable because home broadband was not consistent I remember how frustrated I was because the Verizon ISDN and later Comcast did not work. It rarely happens now. This is also why we can rely on VoIP over public internet today.

So, tablets will improve, they will have all the processing capability we will need and cloud storage will improve and be acceptable and trusted by all. We will most likely have connectivity on all airplanes as well so no downtime on those long flights either. So bring on hi speed wireless everywhere and all the time!