Why use Twitter?

OK. The last couple of days were very Twitter eye opening for me.
Here is a link to a story Amy Hoak wrote for MarketWatch that came out Tuesday.

For anyone who is not on Twitter or could not see what and why all the fuss here are 5 reasons why it can be useful:

1. Its a real-time opinion aggregator
2. Its a networking tool
3. Its a way to connect with people offline
4. Its a customer-service channel
5. Its a place to track down savings and value

Phone.com is using Twitter and will be using it much more. Mainly we would like to use it to help our customer service.

As Amy writes:

Instead of writing a strongly worded letter to a customer-service department, politely complain on Twitter. Chances are, the company is listening… If youre a small business, it might not hurt to give Twitter a try too… even a small boutique owner might broadcast on Twitter when a new shipment comes in or when a sale is launching. The information would help customers and “give them that inner circle feeling” of being kept in the loop about the store.”

So, to all our customer, follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/phonedotcom and let us know your thoughts / suggestions or post questions. We will do our best to tweet back ASAP!