Why Mobile Professionals Should Be Wary of Small Office Phone Systems

When you have a small business, particularly a virtual one from your home office, there are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration. Unfortunately, the phone system falls off the radar for many. A typical system doesn’t work for most, and in fact, the wrong phone system can be a real downfall.
Today’s typical system does little to incorporate all of the necessary aspects of how businesses work today, particularly the mobile features.

People have different expectations for small business professionals. It’s absolutely necessary that they remain in touch with customers and clients at all times, and a typical phone system just can’t provide results like those. Using the mobile features of today’s VoIP systems, though, can be a real plus.

Choices like Mobile Office from Phone.com are typically the perfect addition to any small business. Designed to work with Android-based phones, it’s possible to do a number of things when you incorporate this into your current system. You can both listen to and manage your voicemail as well as look at faxes you’ve received right on your phone. You can also look at the history of calls to your extension r even block or make calls from your ‘office’ phone number while on your mobile phone. Sending and receiving SMS is also an option with this new program.

Traditional small office systems from the phone company can’t give you options like these. Sure, they can allow clients to ring you when you’re sitting behind your desk, but if you want a level of true mobility, you’re not likely to find it with these overpriced choices.