Why It’s Good to Have a Local Number for Your SMB

Why It’s Good to Have a Local Number for Your SMB

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When choosing your VoIP phone service, it’s best to consider whether you want to bring your number with you or take advantage of (typically free) local or 800 numbers. And in the era of depersonalized company interactions, people searching mostly online, or choosing to interact with a chatbot, it’s sometimes difficult to remember a time when people only picked up the phone.

So in that vein, a huge, and easy to acquire asset, for your company’s visibility and accessibility can be something as simple as a local number.

There are many advantages to having a local number, and here are a few:


It’s Personable

Having local numbers in different regions both opens up your company to more demographics and potential customers and gives your business the perception of being “local”. An overwhelming number of people believe it’s better to shop at small businesses than large, faceless corporations. Your number gives them an opportunity to connect differently with your company and can potentially bring in a bigger percentage of customers because you’re available in a certain area.


It’s Manageable

Purchasing multiple local numbers all over the country is easy with VoIP and you don’t need to be an IT expert to master your phone service. With the software’s many flexible features, small business owners are able to wrangle all these numbers under one system.


People still like to pick up the phone

By giving customers and potential customers a local number, you’re responding to people who do want to talk to a human. Your demo might skew a bit on the older side, but you’re covering your bases as to not dissuade any potential business.


You establish trust

When it comes to getting new business, trust is key. And your local area code will be the first step along the way. This will garner more trust with your callers as the perception isn’t that your business isn’t thousands of miles away but right around the corner.


If you are local, it’s perfect!

Switching to VoIP gives you the flexibility to run your business phone service how you like. And for local businesses, it’s a no-brainer for them to either keep their local number or get a new one. This is especially important for brick and mortar companies who mostly have local callers. If you’re a small shop that’s relatively new on the block, it’s best to stick away from 1-800 numbers.



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