Why do I need a Phone.com Virtual Number? Protecting your privacy is one thing you might want to consider.

By: Alon

Most people use Phone.com Virtual Number because it is a simple way to add useful and cool features to any phone number. Some of us use them for the basic ability to setup call forwarding to other number, others like to receive voicemails from all their numbers at one voicemail box.

Many people use a Virtual Number when they leave the country for forwarding calls outside the US. This is a feature the incumbent phone companies simply can not or will not provide and if they do it, it might take days to activate.
Virtual Number is also a cool way to greet your different friends with personal messages, and you can protect your free time by forwarding work related calls after-hours directly to Voicemail.

But here is a new way to enjoy the benefits of a virtual phone number: something that I picked up from users who came up with this idea, which is all about privacy.

In today’s “on net world” it is hard to have any privacy at all. For example, once you register to attend an event your information is out there, your e-mail inbox starts filling up with spam and your phone may start ringing off the hook.

E-mail users have discovered that they can use aliases and then discard them or activate filters and spam filers and survive, but in the telephony world it is not so. The only tool available till now was the ‘Do Not Call Me’ list which only blocks unsolicited calls, if you registered for an event the national ‘do not call’ list will do nothing for you.

Here comes the Virtual Number usefulness! You can provide people with your virtual number instead of your real cell phone or home phone number. You can limit calls to specific hours of the day or send calls straight to a special voicemail inbox by using the Phone.com smart call handling rules in the same way you use an email spam filter.
You can decide to disconnect specific callers, direct others to voicemail or have important calls ring all your phones anywhere you are (even at your hotel in Tokyo).
In fact it is even an effective way to help an old boy / girl friend to move on by showing him/her the disconnect tone (or worse – set a “special” greeting and then disconnect them).

In other words, Phone.com – Virtual Number is many things but for busy people who value privacy and time, I am happy to announce the new cure, well at least the new Phone Spam Filter.