Why Continue Paying Roaming Charges?

You’ve purchased a cell phone for your business, right? You know well how important it is to be able to be in touch with your employees, customers, clients, and business associates whether you’re at home, at the office, or running to where you need to be.

That’s why you purchase a solid phone with a reliable plan, hoping that you can save a bit of money while still being able to keep in touch with your business.

Then you receive the phone bill, and it’s much, much higher than you anticipated it would be. Why is it so high? Because youve been charged with roaming fees. Roaming fees are the charges that you get whenever your cell phone goes outside of the designated towers that are associated with it. And the fees that are associated with roaming charges can be very large. In fact, many people find that they owe hundreds of dollars simply because they have been caught roaming when they didn’t even know that they had been doing it.

While roaming fees were once a necessary evil for cell phone companies, these days, carriers have such large networks that they’re not the issue they once were. Some plans even factor them into the equation. However, if you travel extensively inside the US and do not have a national plan, or if you travel outside the US, you will notice them on your bill.

So how do you fix this problem? One way is to find a business solution for your phone needs that doesnt make you responsible for hundreds of dollars in roaming charges. The new Phone.com – Mobile VoIP iPhone app from Phone.com which is part of Phone.com – Virtual Office plan offers you that kind of amazing flexibility. You can connect with your business needs from any location with WiFi connectivity without ANY costly roaming charges.

If you stay longer times you may want to look for a local SIM card that can reduce your cost from $1-$2 a minute of roaming to a pay-as-you-go local call rate. Phone.com – Virtual Office can take care of forwarding your calls to your international destination which you can never do with your cell phone company. You can even get a global phone number from Phone.com for the specific country you are in, so you can use your cell phone to dial into your Virtual Office system using local rates and dial any of your office extensions or a phone number using local rates and bypassing any Roaming charges.

Before you select a cell phone plan, make sure you investigate the possibility of roaming charges both on call and data connectivity. They’ll eat your profits pretty quickly, leaving you with little recourse