Why Consumers Like Our Home Phone Service?

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We in the Telecom industry, sometimes think that everyone knows what VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based home services are and how they work but, surprise, surprise – it still is not the case.

For those who are still not familiar with VoIP, when talking about home phone service lets clarify that we are not talking about the ability to talk from a PC but rather from a regular phone that behaves exactly like your “old” phone service but relies on your high-speed internet connection (and not a “telephone line”) to reach the outside world.

Phone companies have been doing that “jump” or bridging from the analog local lines to the digital highway lines for many years now, all VoIP does is simply move that intersection closer to your home. After all with your broadband cable or DSL internet connection this highway is already at your house.

This method has a few benefits, one is that the analog line is so short that it picks up less sound interferences that are usually collected along the analog lines, and hence provides better sound quality (contrary to what many think of VoIP).

There are also many new phone services and features that are offered by VoIP based service providers, some like the cable companies offer what seems to be attractive as triple (TV, Internet, Phone) play bundles (usually attractive price wise during your first year of service).

We recently wrote about why we believe standalone VoIP based home phone services have their place and what their benefits are, but what makes the Phone.com Home Phone service really stand out?

There are many VoIP Home Phone services out in the market. Most are similar in price and in feature selection. NOT all are similar in network quality or in customer service, and this is a key element.

At Phone.com we rely on a robust network infrastructure and reliable uninterrupted service. And we put special attention on customer service! Our belief is that when a company is under the impression that it is doing you, the client, a “favor” by providing the service, it has no place in the market.

Customer service is NOT just how fast we answer the phone but also how we ensure the customer is served and how we thank our clients for selecting us, and yes, even making it easy for the customer to leave if for whatever reason they are not 100% satisfied.

So even if you just recently signed up and decided the service is not for you, we will let you keep the phone adaptor (sometimes called ATA) you have received from us and we will help you use it with another provider (we hope you don’t leave us though) by “unlocking” the device (this is really only for experienced users) or if you so choose, we will let you return the device to us (and therefore avoid paying termination fees).

This is just one more thing that makes Phone.com, stand out among other home phone service providers.

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