Who will be the winning Mobile OS of the future?

iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Nokia) or another new operating system (OS)? Which platform will prove to be the winner in the mobile OS war? As mobile phones are becoming anything but a phone, the simplicity of the OS and the ability of third parties to easily develop applications will be key.

Since its launch, 3 years ago, iPhone and its app store have proven the importance of the development environment. To some extent like how windows beat mac for 3rd party developments for the PC market.

With the recent launch of Nexus One, Googles Android phone, the Android platform has gained momentum, more than the earlier deployments of other Android phones, mainly the Motorola and HTC Droid phones.

Today, Gigaom tries to answer how Microsoft might get back into the mobile OS game. Reading some of the comments we can see opinions for and against Microsofts future in the mobile game.

So, who do you think will be the OS of the future? Take our poll and vote:

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