Which Cloud Storage Solution is Right For Your Business?

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in_the_cloudBusiness owners hear about the benefits of cloud storage all the time. The cloud can save you money, offers mobile access, helps your team work more cohesively, reduces infrastructure costs, and so on.

The two most popular business solutions currently are Box and Dropbox. Both have good offerings but take a high-level look at some of the more important features.

In the comparison table below, you can see that Box seems a superior service. But when it comes to media and syncing features, Dropbox is the clear winner. It’s important to keep in mind that Box was created with enterprise as its main focus.

Available Features:

Service Strength:

Security wise, Box is stronger, and probably the right choice if you are dealing with private records or payment information. Dropbox seems to have dropped the ball in this category.

But upload size matters and Dropbox blows away the competition in this category. Box only allows maximum file size upload of 5 GB with any of their plans and much less on their free offering. Dropbox lets users upload files of any size as long as it doesn’t exceed their storage quota.

The make-or-break statistic for many companies is price, and both Box and Dropbox offer a free, basic service that I highly suggest signing up for and using before making a final decision. Dropbox starts at $99 per user per year for 100 GB for each user. Box is significantly less expensive at $60 per user per month, though users share 100 GB of online storage.

In conclusion, both solutions offer great features at a reasonable price. Your needs will dictate which service will work better for you. What are your considerations when choosing storage? Let us know in the comments below, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

Note: Phone.com does not endorse either of the services in this article.


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