Where Is The Future Of Mobile Telephony Already?

I’ve had it with all these predictions about the next iPhone. I’ve been listening for months to 8mp this and thinner that. A cheaper version and one for Sprint and T-Mobile. That’s it? Yes there have been other rumors but these are the most prolific. Back in 2007 when the iPhone launched it was absolutely revolutionary in so many ways but it hasn’t evolved much since then. Yes there’s a descent camera and oh boy 3G. But the so called Jesus phone (not my name for it) has fallen short in my opinion. There are so many ways it could have evolved in a better manner but more importantly where are the revolutionary changes?

Why can’t it broadcast to others not to bother me during a call utilizing Presence. Where is the localization many of us have talked about, like landing in a city and it asking if I’d like to contact the people I talk to the most that are within 20 miles. When can we expect smart lists that know I like to get milk at Trader Joe’s so next time I’m within 100 yards it should remind me it’s been a week since I bought milk last. When will it tie in to all the major grocery stores databases and as long as I swipe my phone with the club card in it the system knows I bought more yogurt so it crosses it off my list.

As for business, we’re missing the tie ins with the big desktop handset makers. Where is the Polycom HDvoice desktop phone with built in iPhone dock. I’d like my status to automatically change to “At My Desk” when the phone is dropped in the dock. Why aren’t calls routed to the cell phone if mid call on the Polycom phone the iPhone is picked up and wired handset hung up. Where is the built in instant messaging app on the iPhone? I have a home office so I’m sure I’m missing out on some office and cubicle related features.

For a phone that’s supposed to do it all I ask where are these features? How about the most talked about of all… NFC (Near Field Communication)! This allows someone with a phone to interact with another device, from a point of sale terminal to pay for your Mocha Frappa Kappa latte to a movie poster to get details about the flick.

I could go on for days like this, not complaining but bringing ideas to the surface that should have been included in so many phones prior to today. It’s 2011 and I’m still not able to sync an iPhone perfectly over to my Gmail account. I can’t hale a cab from inside a restaurant from my phone, be alerted when it arrives via SMS, step into it and tap my phone on an NFC terminal to tell it where I’m going and then tap it again to pay for the ride. It should also alert the person I’m coming to meet that I’m in the vicinity and allow them to watch my approach on their phone as well as contact me if they want.

We’re getting there, we’re so close with so many different apps but what about it being part of the OS? Where is the fluidity if it’s not all built in? I’m suggesting it’s time Apple or Android (Google) need to pull all of their resources and make “IT” happen. Get with Microsoft, Polycom, Google Maps, the NFC industry, credit card companies, grocery stores, and so many other companies and industries. Heck I’ll make the introductions if you’d like? I’ll even throw a mixer so you can all get together. What’s holding this all back? Where is the future of telephony mixed with life enhancing technology. I want it all and I want it now!