When time & accuracy are the issue, Text Voicemail can be the Solution

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Why Text Voicemail?

Text Voicemail gives you the ability to read your Internet voicemail rather than merely listen to your messages. Your voicemail messages are converted from voice to text – then emailed directly to your Inbox!

Phone.com’s unique state-of-the-art process analyzes and converts personal logic and human intellect into a computerized formula and system which helps determine how to transform the recorded voice into accurate, verbatim text.

This means you get a written copy of your messages, which, in business, can often be extremely important, or even critical, when issues or timetables or facts in a message can easily be misinterpreted, misunderstood or confused when received verbally.

And, if it’s necessary to go back over a message several times to collect a series of facts, or complex data – or to fully understand complicated information – it’s a lot more convenient, faster, and easier to scan a written message on a printed-out page or on a screen than it is to sit there and play a voice message over and over again, trying to keep up with a fast-talking message by scribbling the content by hand or furiously typing it into a Word document.

Not only that, but reducing important business messages to text allows one to keep a written record of what was said and not said, often for logical or even legal reasons. Text, unlike the spoken word, in business settings, is generally less inclined to be subject to loose or subjective interpretation. It is what it is. “In black and white”, as they say.

In business, people often need a factual accounting of events or information left in a message – data that can also be shared and reviewed by one or more persons in writing, when accuracy is an issue. Factual matters can be interpreted more clearly when viewed and shared in a written and searchable document, typically more so than when information or events are relayed through the spoken word.

How else is Text Voicemail helpful at work or play?

  • It’s easy to enable and disable any time of the day or night.
  • Don’t have time to waste sitting through long pauses, idle chit-chat, or irrelevant sections of long voicemail messages? Just read the sections of your messages that you need, and get on with your day!
  • At only $0.25 per message, you’ll find that Text Voicemail is an inexpensive way to receive voicemail information quickly and efficiently.
  • Sneak a peek! Check your voicemail when in meetings without offending anyone, and without having to wait to take a break to get your messages.
  • Forward text voicemail messages to friends, family, co-workers, partners or employees without stressing out trying to remember what was said in each message. With text messages everyone receives the correct information the first time, without having to go back to explain anything to anyone.
  • Are street noises, music, or people talking loudly nearby making it impossible to listen to your voicemail? No problem! Keep the tunes blasting and read your voicemail instead!

Visit the Inbox of your Phone.com Virtual Office account to add Text Voicemail to your extension.

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