What’s Next After iMessage?

Yesterday Steve Jobs along with a few other speakers gave a keynote speech about iOS 5 and Lion, both upgrades to their previous operating systems. I was reading transcripts and following along as best I could from my office. One huge thing stuck out in my mind, the new iMessage service for iOS devices. It’s similar to BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) in that it shows sent, received and read (from my understanding) statuses and is also for iOS users only. This is kind of a huge thing. Apple is saying that our products are wide spread enough to support a messaging ecosystem. That’s not the interesting part to me. I thought, what’s next for this ecosystem? What’s Steve going to announce next year or the year after?

I pondered it for just a moment and it dawned on me. He’s leading up to a iOS to iOS calling/messaging app. It might even be opened up to other networks but I get the feeling that iMessenger is just the first step in the larger picture for Apple. I think they are trying to cut out the carrier as much as they possibly can. If the carrier doesn’t get to cash in on instant messaging/SMS starting in a few months what aren’t they going to get to cash in on next? VOICE! Yup, I think Apple is working on a way to cut the carriers out of voice calls as well as messaging.

I thought this through and this should not affect Phone.com because we’re here to fill the purpose of offering a phone number and back bone to handle all the phone calling and SMS needs of a small or medium sized business. So I’m not worried at all but I thought it was a very interesting move on Apples part and I think they have the big telcos around the world shaking in their fur lined diamond encrusted boots.