What you can do with your Phone.com Greetings…

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By: Ari

With Phone.com you can upload your own audio files to create Greeting Features that personalize your business & enhance your professional image.

We get a lot of questions about Business Greetings and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions, so, we decided to design a “Greetings Center” that lets you choose the greetings you need and gives you suggestions of how to use them.
Here are some of the things you can do with the Phone.com Greetings Center:
– A Custom Primary Greeting – exactly the way you want it!
– Secondary Greetings for office directions, Departments and Extensions.
– After-Hours Greetings to control call-back expectations outside 9-5.
– Caller ID Greetings to greet specific parties with different messaging.
– Custom Announcements to impart key information or explain Special Services.
– Custom Sales Messaging for Special Events, Promotions & Special Offers.
– Easy-to-use Menus to ensure a positive experience for every inbound caller
– Professional Music uploaded by yourself, or created by our Professional Recording Studio
– Comedic & Dramatic Character Voices using our text to speech and voice emoticons; and much, much more…

Also, Phone.com offers 5 different ways to record your Greetings. So use what is best for you:
1. Use your own voice, from your computer
2. Use a professional voice-over person from our voice recording studio
3. Upload an audio (voice) file directly to your computer
4. Your own voice, via telephone
5. Phone.com Text-to-Speech – a unique, easy and fun way to upload Greetings, with comedy character voices, serious corporate voices, and foreign voices; in fact an entire cast of wacky character voices and accents to create numerous effects and impressions!

You can read more about our greeting features here.

And Remember:
> First month is FREE and you can cancel if you don’t like it (but you will…)
> Lowest pricing in the industry!
> 24/7 live Customer Support!

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